Robert Burns & Richard Burns

Pub Date: 11/2008
Pages: 560

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Robert Burns & Richard Burns


Business Research Methods and Statistics Using SPSS provides a simple, easy-to-follow and non-mathematical approach to understanding and using quantitative methods and statistics. It is grounded solidly in the context of business and management research, enabling students to understand the practical applications of the statistical techniques and procedures explained.

This accessible text is a must-have for any student on a Business Research Methods course. The authors provide clear guidance on research methodology, statistical analysis of data, survey methods, and reporting and presenting research in the business context'

A companion website also contains four extra chapters for the more advanced student, along with PowerPoint slides for lecturers, and additional questions and exercises.

This book will enable students to:

  • Understand the importance and application of statistics and quantitative methods in the field of business
  • Design effective research studies
  • Interpret statistical results for themselves
  • Use statistical information meaningfully
  • Use SPSS confidently
  • Present their findings

Ideal for those with a minimum of mathematical and statistical knowledge, this book will be an invaluable resource for students on quantitative methods courses in Business and Management, Organisation Studies, Marketing Research and Economics.