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  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Succeeding at University: Quick Steps to Success
  • 3 Places to Go and Things to Do
  • 4 Make Sense of Your Course
  • 5 How to Learn Effectively
  • 6 Get Organised for Independent Study
  • 7 Computers: Any Place, Anywhere, Any Time
  • 8 How to Succeed in Group Work
  • 9 How to Interact and Build Relationships at University
  • 10 How to Survive Academic Reading: Targeted Research and Active Reading
  • 11 How to Make the Best Notes
  • 12 How to be Creative in Your Learning
  • 13 How to Think Effectively: Analytical and Critical Thinking
  • 14 How to Write Better Assignments
  • 15 How to Prevent Plagiarism
  • 16 How to Overcome Writing Blocks and Become a Confident Writer
  • 17 How to Write Great Essays
  • 18 How to Produce Excellent Reports
  • 19 How to Write a Brilliant Dissertation
  • 20 How to Deliver Excellent Presentations
  • 21 How to Run Your Own Seminars and Workshops
  • 22 How to Deal with Your Emotions
  • 23 Reflective Learning and the Learning Log
  • 24 Memory and Effective Revision
  • 25 How to Understand and Pass Exams
  • 26 Personal Development Planning (PDP): Becoming Who You Want to Be
  • 27 Moving On: What to Do When You Finish University
  • Author:Tom Burns & Sandra Sinfield

    Pub Date: March 2012  

    Pages: 472

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