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Dialogues in Human Geography

Dear Colleague,

Dialogues in Human Geography I am delighted to announce the forthcoming launch of a new journal, Dialogues in Human Geography.

We would like to offer you the chance to register for free online access to this brand new journal ahead of its publication in March 2011

Once registered you will be able to enjoy the content of the full Volumes 1–3 as free access ends 31st December 2013.

So take advantage of this fantastic offer and register today!
Dialogues in Human Geography

Managing Editor:

Rob Kitchin

National University of Ireland, Maynooth

The primary aim of Dialogues in Human Geography is to stimulate open and critical debate on the philosophical, methodological and pedagogic foundations of geographic thought and praxis. It will publish articles, with responses, which seek to critique present thinking and praxis and set the agenda for future avenues of geographic thought, empirical research and pedagogy.

Register here for access to volumes 1–3

We are offering you the opportunity to benefit from FREE access to leading research that will be published in this journal.

Register at: and we will notify you as soon as issue 1 publishes (March 2011) so that you can access content as soon as it is available online.
Kind regards,

Naomi Blumsom
SAGE Marketing
Tel: +44 (0)20 7324 8500

PS: This offer is open to you and your colleagues – so please forward this email!


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