How has leadership evolved through history?
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Studying Leadership Traditional and Critical Approaches
Studying Leadership Traditional and Critical Approaches
Doris Schedlitzki & Gareth Edwards

Structured around a timeline, the book explores how the concept of leadership has evolved through history and discusses how psychological, sociological and geographical perspectives have affected how we view leadership. It features


  • A unique timeline structure to develop students’ knowledge of leadership theories through time
  • Contemporary topics including ethics, sustainability, authenticity, toxicity, follwership and gender & diversity to ensure students are up-to-date with the latest research
  • 6 long integrative case studies to encourage students to relate theories to the real world
  • Over 140 reflective questions to develop students’ critical thinking skills
  • A companion website which includes video links and SAGE journal articles to develop students’ understanding. There’s also a tutor guide, experiential exercises and PowerPoint slides for lecturers.

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‘This book is well constructed and very well researched. It has a clearly thought out logical flow with enough material to inform and challenge both undergraduate and postgraduate students.’ - Lise Georgeson, St Mary’s University College

‘A distinctive book written in an eloquent style and manner that captures the readers’ imagination of the past, present and future perception of leadership. It highlights and draws together the main concepts covered in each chapter and provides a very good basis for understanding leadership. This book is readable, credible and avoids jargon. Thus, it helps both UG and PG students to conceptualise leadership at a higher level.’ - Denis Hyams-Ssekas, University Campus Oldham

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