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Editor in Chief:

David Mandell
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Autism Matters podcast series


The Autism podcast series (hosted by Dr Laura Crane) aims to showcase the latest research published in Autism: The International Journal of Research and Practice in a way that is accessible, easy to understand and has real world relevance. The podcasts are aimed at a broad audience, including academics, researchers, students, clinicians, journalists, policy makers, individuals with autism and their families, and anyone interested in autism spectrum disorders. All articles related to podcasts are freely available to download.

Autism Matters Podcast Number 13: Paul Shattuck and Anne Roux discuss issues surrounding employment support and the barriers that people with autism face when looking for or attempting to retain a job.

Autism Matters Podcast Number 12: Judith Hebron discusses her latest research on bullying and children with autism.

Autism Matters Podcast Number 11: Three leading autism researchers (John Constantino, Francesca Happé and Will Mandy) discuss whether autism is a coherent syndrome, or is fractionable in nature. Each discuss their recent research published in a special issue of the journal, and the podcast is hosted by David Williams. David Williams hosts a podcast on whether autism is unitary or fractionable, debating the topic with guests John Constantino, Francesca Happé and Will Mandy.

Autism Matters Podcast Number 10: Judith Gould and Robyn Steward discuss issues surrounding women with autism spectrum disorder, including current research on this topic, safety issues for women on the spectrum and the differences between men and women with autism. Judith Gould is a leading researcher in the field of autism and Robyn Steward is an author and advocate who has a diagnosis of autism.

Autism Matters Podcast Number 9: Guest Editors Connie Kasari and Sarah Parsons discuss their special issue on schools and education research in autism, published in volume 17 issue 3 of Autism.

Autism Matters Podcast Number 8: Editor-in-Chief, David Mandell, interviews Founding Editor of the Autism journal, Patricia Howlin. They discuss the history of autism research and future directions.

Autism Matters Podcast Number 7: Dr Julie Lounds Taylor discusses her co-authored review paper on outcomes for adults with autism, published in volume 17 issue 1 of Autism.

Autism Matters Podcast Number 6: This podcast features a discussion with David Mandell, the new Editor-in-Chief of Autism, about research on autism spectrum disorders including the latest research in the journal, Autism, with specific reference to studies on Hispanics and autism, a review on theory of mind and sheltered workshops for adults with autism.

Autism Matters Podcast Number 5: Richard Mills, Director of Research at the National Autistic Society, discusses crime and the criminal justice system and why some people with autism get into trouble.

Autism Matters Podcast Number 4: Simon Wallace discusses his research on the use of immersive virtual environments with children with autism, published in the special issue on technology in 14/3 of Autism.

Autism Matters Podcast Number 3: Sven Bölte discusses his research on the differences between boys and girls with higher functioning autism spectrum disorders with particular respect to cognitive tasks, published in 15/4 of Autism.

Autism Matters Podcast Number 2: Aubyn Stahmer discusses her research on a community program involving social inclusion and early intervention for toddlers with autism spectrum disorders, published in 15/5 of Autism.

Autism Matters Podcast Number 1: Interview with Neil Humphrey (Manchester University, UK) on the mainstream vs. special education debate in autism.

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We are also pleased to draw your attention to our “Myth Busters” series designed to provide a forum for discussion of common misconceptions in our field. Free to download.

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