Student Study Site for Entrepreneurship
An Innovator's Guide to Startups and Corporate Ventures
Marc H. Meyer and Frederick G. Crane
Warren and Fassett Entrepreneurship

Introduction to the Student Study Site

This Student Study Site has been created for use with Entrepreneurship: An Innovator’s Guide to Startups and Corporate Ventures by Marc H. Meyer and Frederick G. Crane. This study site was designed to be used by students and instructors in tandem with their textbook to enhance understanding of key concepts and facilitate class discussions.

Chapter Resources

Reader Exercises
The in-text reader exercises are provided here as PDFs to allow students to fully utilize the worksheets, templates, and step-by-step exercises.

General Resources

Sample Integrated Financial Plans
These financial plans demonstrate the approaches outlined in the book and afford students hands-on experience with manipulating data.

Venture Cases
The nine in-text venture cases are provided in convenient PDF format to facilitate case discussion.

Team Activities Templates
These convenient templates help students organize their group members as they tackle the challenge of designing a successful venture.

In-Text Templates
A PDF containing the in-text templates is provided to aid students in applying the specifics of their particular venture to the frameworks introduced in the book.

Video Resources

This section features four in-depth interviews with the entrepreneurs featured in the book's Venture Cases, as well as an introduction to the book by author Marc H. Meyer.

Acknowledgments and Thanks

Thanks to Marc H. Meyer and Frederick G. Crane for writing an excellent textbook and to Mary H. Meyer and Hillary Dostal for preparing these useful and accessible supplemental materials for this site.