Lynne Millward

Pub Date: 03/2005
Pages: 448

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Lynne Millward - Understanding Occupational & Organizational Psychology
“Provides excellent coverage of the main areas of Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology. All main topics at the individual and group levels are covered … a highly competent, research based introductory text.”
Professor Neil Anderson, University of Amsterdam
“This is an excellent book. … taking a critical approach. The text covers recent research in the area providing a useful debate of current and key issues in the field. The case studies and activities are particularly useful.”
Dr Christeen George, University of Hertfordshire
Understanding Occupational and Organizational Psychology is an invaluable resource for students doing a course at third year undergraduate or masters level. The text provides comprehensive coverage of the British Psychological Society’s training requirements for becoming chartered Occupational Psychologist. It is also compliant with European training guidelines for Industrial, Work and Organisational Psychology.
The book is organized into the following eight chapters, with cross-referencing throughout:
  •  Selection and Assessment

  •  Training

  •  Performance Appraisal and Career Development

  •  Employee Relations and Motivation

  •  Organizational Development and Change

  •  Workplace Counselling and Personal Development

  •  Human-Machine Interaction

  •  Design of Work and Work Environments: Health and Safety
This companion website for the book provides: additional case material, reflexive activities and example projects, essay titles and examination questions.
The book, in tandem with this website, will inspire further reading and research as well as creative application of knowledge to various scenarios.