Author: W. James Potter

Pub Date: May 2010

Pages: 488

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Welcome to the Student Study Site

The Student Study Site has been created for students and instructors using Media Literacy, Fifth Edition by W. James Potter. This study site should be a valuable resource that both students and instructors can use in tandem with their textbook to enhance understanding of key concepts and facilitate class discussions.

Chapter Resources

Flexible self-quizzes allow you to independently assess you progress in learning course material. 

Discussion and Writing Questions
Discussion questions and writing topics are provided to help you engage with the material and reinforcing important content. 

Internet and Video Resources
Carefully selected, internet and video resources feature relevant content for use in either independent or classroom-based explorations of key topics. These are also provided on the Student Study Site.

General Resources

Media Literacy Pre-Quiz & Answers
The media literacy pre-quiz and answer is provided on both the student and instructor sites. Students can take this at the beginning of the course to evaluate their current media literacy.

Media Literacy Organizations

A listing of relevant media literacy organization is provided for easy access and use.

Acknowledgements and Thanks

Thanks to W. James Potter, for writing an excellent textbook. Many thanks also to Allison Harthcock (Butler University) and Ann M. Savage (Butler University) for the creation of these ancillary materials. Allison and Ann’s dedication and perseverance has made these ancillary materials into detailed, thorough, and learning-friendly products.