Andy Field and Jeremy Miles

Pub Date: Feb 2010

Pages: 752

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Andy Field and Jeremy Miles

Welcome to the student materials for the companion website to Andy Field and Jeremy Miles Discovering Statistics Using SAS.

Hot on the heels of Andy Field’s best-selling Discovering Statistics Using SPSS 3rd Edition (2009), the author has teamed up with a co-author, Jeremy Miles, to adapt this textbook for SAS® using the most up-to-date commands and programming language available in latest release 9.2.

SAS® is a very powerful and popular package used throughout the world in university education, especially in the Behavioural Sciences, Business and Economics.   As with its sister textbook, Discovering Statistics Using SAS® takes the entry level student from first principles right the way through to advanced level statistical concepts all the while grounding knowledge through the use of SAS®.  Its approach is to teach statistical concepts as well as the computational principles, commands and language of the SAS® software package in one textbook, and given this comprehensive coverage this textbook should be enthusiastically adopted on a wide variety of statistics courses.

Following the same award-winning contents structure, accessible writing style and pedagogical approach (including a ‘cast of characters’ that feature in each chapter) as for its sister textbook, Discovering Statistics Using SAS® will be a hugely popular textbook for SAS® users pursuing courses in statistics who then need to apply their knowledge and skills to tackling research reports, dissertations or theses.

Key features of this textbook:

  • Starts with introductory statistical theory and methods and finishes with advanced level methods – the book for any research problem, and any level of course use.
  • Textbook features and characters support the learning process throughout the book, from providing tips on how to enter data in SAS® properly to testing knowledge covered in chapters interactively.
  • Employs a combination of invented and real published research datasets for students.  Found on the Companion Website, along with a host of other materials for lecturers and student resources.