Chapter 7- The Grow Model

Video 7.1 The GROW model (0.30)

Video 7.2 Coach identifies gap between reality and goal (0.19)

Video 7.3 The GROW model (8.29)

Video 7.4 Coach supports coachee to set a meaningful goal (1.42)

Video 7.5 Coach and coachee agree an outcome for the coaching session (0.51)

Video 7.6 Coach clarifies the outcome of the coaching session (0.44)

Video 7.7 Coach clarifies what the coachee would like as an outcome by the end of the session (0.22)

Video 7.8 Coach asks coachee what she would like to know by the end of the session (0.31)

Video 7.9 Coach encourages coachee to explore her current reality (12.37)

Video 7.10 Coach asks coachee how she might feel (0.26)

Video 7.11 Coach provides feedback about body language (0.52)

Video 7.12 Coach moves the conversation from Reality to Options stage (0.31)

Video 7.13 Coach explains the Options stage (0.11)

Video 7.14 Coach asks coachee to evaluate options (0.09)

Video 7.15 Coach explains the GROW process to the coachee (1.43)

Video 7.16 Coach contracts with coachee (3.21)

Video 7.17 Coach talks about the contract (1.26)

Additional Coaching Resources

In addition to watching the videos associated with Chapter 7, you can also download the following resources:

Example of Coachee-Initiated Evaluation Grid

Template for Coaching Contracts


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